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Executive Business Coaching

Do you want to strengthen your self-efficacy or reposition yourself? Let’s talk about your aspirations and your vision for the future.

Keynote Speaker

In my keynotes, I inspire and engage people with my extraordinary story. For business change, innovative thinking and disruptive solutions.


Certified Business & Birkman Coach

Coaching is a complex and personal matter that requires expertise and experience. As a certified coach and ICF member with an MBA, I leverage my knowledge I have gained, working with B2B companies over many years of coaching.

These special skills have made me one of the best coaches for executives and high-potential professionals going through change processes.

Read more about my professional background.

Online Coachings

Every leader and every company need different approaches, when it comes to coaching them. The What and the Why are both equally important to achieve effective results.

With purpose.hub, I offer all kinds of coachings, either at your premises, at my office in Duesseldorf or via video calls. I’m internationally oriented and coach in German, Portuguese and English.

After a non-binding first conversation, it’s up to you to decide which of my coaching services suits you best.


My workshops are aimed at teams that wish to work more efficiently and tap into their full potential.

With purpose.hub, I convey personalized approaches geared towards increasing a company’s overall performance.

My workshops are not copy & paste solutions, theoretical ideas or abstract concepts.

They are hands-on – personalized – well-founded.

purpose.hub Coachings

Lina Maria Kotschedoff - Executive Coaching mit Purpose

At purpose.hub, I offer a series of business coachings for leaders, executive teams and high potentials. Using proven and practical methods, I work out your own leadership identity and an efficient leadership style that fits your team. Using the Birkman method, you will learn to leverage your strengths in a more targeted fashion and turn possible weaknesses into your advantages.

Executive Leaderhship Coachings

In goal-oriented coaching sessions, I’ll assist you in precisely identifying your own strengths and to utilize them more efficiently.

In my 1-on-1 sessions, we hone your personal leadership identity and improve your own leadership style, empowering you to motivate your staff members to deliver better performance with adequate communication, avoiding misunderstandings.

At purpose.hub, I work with the Birkman method, a special approach proven to remove negative beliefs, blockages and self-sabotage.

Personal Business Coaching

If you’re looking for a new career challenge or wish to increase your performance, Personal Business Coaching is the perfect choice for you.

During in-depth coaching sessions, I work out your hidden potential and your dormant skills, enabling you to use these strengths as a resource to enhance your professional profile and achieve your career goals faster.

I accompany you in working out your own vision and positioning as well as your personal change process. This joint strengthening of your professional profile takes you to achieve career success in a targeted fashion.

Vision Coaching

We love to call personalities like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk visionaries. But strictly speaking, every one of us is a visionary of his own life. The only thing you need to do, is to find and define a clear vision for your own life.

Only those who know exactly what they want to achieve in their lives can take the next steps to achieve their goals and master a balanced and self-determined life based on their own intrinsic motivation.

In my purpose.hub coaching sessions, I have shown time and again that people’s own vision creates the foundation for achieving their personal success. If we don’t follow our own goals, we can only chase the success of others. Let’s find, clearly define and put your vision into practice.

Birkman Coaching

For many years, the Birkman method has proven a valuable tool for obtaining a measurable image of your own personality fast. As a certified Birkman Coach, I help you to quantify your development potential with numbers and useful scales.

Take the one hour Birkman test with me, and I’ll be happy to analyze and discuss the results with you. The test analyzes your behaviors, conflict potential, self-perception and the perception of others in detail and shows a lot of additional revealing factors about your personality.

Following that, you may opt for an in-depth analysis comprising two multi-hour sessions. Alternatively, you can combine the Birkman test with a coaching of your choice – the Vision or Personal Business Coaching, for example.

There’s a reason why the Birkman method is so wide-spread among professional coaches: it quickly provides a comprehensive basis for defining conflicts, demands and personal goals, both in a professional and a private environment.

Team Workshops

Every team is different and every department has its own dynamic. Team members have roles, but these are often only superficially defined by their formal positions. Your employees are your most important resource and the key to your company’s success. However, this resource needs to be properly coordinated to achieve its very best performance.

purpose.hub’s Team Coachings are much more than lectures presenting inspiring concepts. In my workshops, I effectively study the strengths and interests of the individual team members and then link them to unleash their ultimate team performance.

After all, employees who perform their roles and work with efficiency and appreciation not only outperform themselves. They can also relate to your company better, enjoy their jobs more and stay more motivated, which means they’ll remain loyal to the company for years to come.

A positive corporate culture starts with the smallest of teams and gradually grows into other business units. My workshops boost innovation and motivation while building solutions-oriented, self-guided teams.

Keynotes & Talks

Lina Maria Kotschedoff - Winner of the German Diversity Award 2020

About Lina Maria Pietras

Boasting over 15 years of experience in business development at enterprises, holding an MBA from the renowned WHU Otto-Beisheim-School of Management and drawing on thorough training at the Dr. Bock Coaching Academy, I combine three elements: management, innovation and coaching.

I’m German-Brazilian and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My experiences gained in my professional and personal life helped me to establish purpose.hub – a coaching approach designed to leverage your personal potential and develop your personality as a person and entrepreneur in terms of both accountability and impact.

My coaching sessions are based on the proven Birkman method, which makes each person’s strengths and potential visible in numbers. This gave rise to the Emotional & Leadership-Driven Trainings of purpose.hub, which you can book sessions in German, English and Portuguese.

Over the course of my career, I have channeled these key skills into a concept, which has also enabled me to reach my personal goals. And this essence of knowledge and experience is precisely what I wish to share with you in my coachings, so you can reach your own goals, too. Despite my strong visual impairment, I have become a successful entrepreneur, and I worked in HR and budget management functions in innovation business units of major enterprises.

I run charity marathons, deliver corporate keynote speeches and was awarded the 2020 German Diversity Award. Sitting on the advisory board of Beyond Gender Agenda, I’m a role model for leading an authentic rather than a militant diversity discussion.

I developed this skill set and the fact that everyone has a personal way of working and communicating into the purpose.hub principle. I’m truly passionate about teaching my clients a self-efficient attitude with ease, seriousness and a long-term vision.

This has become my very own purpose.


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